SCHNEIDER CPC PROGRAMME

3D CONSTRUCTION KIT                                                            (3D Game Creator)
AMSTRAD ACTION TOOLKIT                                                    (RSX toolkit)
ADDRESS-MANAGER                                                                  (Database)
ADVANCED ART STUDIO PLUS                                                 (Art package)
ADVANCED ART STUDIO                                                            (Art package)
AMCHARGE                                                                                   (Minitel utility)
AMRAM 2 ROM                                                                             (ROM Utilities)
AMSDRAW I                                                                                   (Drawing program)
AMS-FORTH                                                                                   (Programming language)
AMSWORD                                                                                     (Word processor)
AMSYNTH                                                                                      (Music composer)
AMX PAINT                                                                                    (Mouse painting program)
ANTI-MULTIFACE                                                                        (Multiface utility)
ARNOR C                                                                                        (Programming language)
B-ASIC                                                                                             (RSX toolkit)
BCPL                                                                                                 (Programming language)
BMP CONVERT V1.0                                                                      (Graphic conversion tool)
BOITE A RYTHMES                                                                       (Music composer)
BOOTRACKER                                                                                (Music composer)
BRUNWORD                                                                                   (Word processor)
CALCULATRICE                                                                             (Calculator)
CALCUMAT                                                                                     (Spreadsheet)
CHEESE                                                                                           (File compressor)
CHERRY-PAINT                                                                             (Art package)
C-LAB                                                                                               (Miscellaneous programs)
CLONE 1.0                                                                                       (Disc copy)
CAMEL MICROS TOOLBOX                                                         (Misc utilities)
COLUMBIA                                                                                     (File compressor)
COPIA CINTA A CINTA                                                                 (Tape to tape copy)
COPY                                                                                                (Copying program)
COPYLOCK V8.1                                                                              (Copying program)
CPC PROCOPY                                                                                (Disc copier)
CPC_T                                                                                               (File compressor)
CP/M PLUS SYSTEM DISCS                                                          (Operating system)
CRAZY                                                                                              (Disc utility)
CREATEUR DE MENUS                                                                 (Disc menu creator)
CRIME                                                                                              (File/disc copier)
CRUNCH                                                                                          (File compressor)
DAMS                                                                                                 (Assembler)
DATABASE AMSTRAD                                                                     (Database)
DATAFILE                                                                                         (Database)
DATAMAT                                                                                          (Database)
DEMO MAKER                                                                                 (Demo creator)
DES/DESKTOP ENVIRONMENT SYSTEM                                   (Graphical user interface)
DES APPLICATIONS DISC                                                              (DES applications)
DIGITRACKER                                                                                 (Music composer)
DISC DEMON                                                                                   (Disk utilities)
DISCOLOGY                                                                                     (Disc utility)
DISCOLOGY+                                                                                   (Disc utility)
DISC'O'MAGIC                                                                                  (Disc utility)
DK BANK SWITCH SOFTWARE                                                      (Memory Management)
DMON                                                                                                 (Disc utility)
DOMAIN WORD                                                                               (Word processor)
DOS-COPY                                                                                         (PC<->CPC file copier)
DESK-ROYAl 1.1                                                                                (Basic-Erweiterung)
DSK-CPC                                                                                             (PC->CPC disc copier)
ECHOSOFT                                                                                         (Music/sound utilities)
E.M.U                                                                                                  (Music utilities)
EPIC                                                                                                    (Protext extension)
EQUINOXE                                                                                        (Music program)
FABACOM/FAST BASIC COMPILER                                               (BASIC compiler)
FRAKTAL GENERATOR 3D                                                              (Fractal creator)
GRAPHIC ADVENTURE CREATOR                                                (Text / graphic adventure crea)
GEOMETRIE PLANE                                                                         (Graph plotter)
GHOUL'S WRITER                                                                             (Demo creator)
GLENTOP ASSEMBLER                                                                     (Assembler)
GRAPHIC CITY                                                                                   (Graphic and sprite utilities)
HACKER-DISC                                                                                     (Find infinite lives in games)
HISOFT DEVPAC                                                                                 (Assembler/disassembler)
HISOFT PASCAL                                                                                  (Programming language)
IDE                                                                                                        (Misc utilities)
IFF-CONVERT V1.1                                                                             (Graphic conversion tool)
THE INSIDER V2.1                                                                              (Multiface II util)
ITINERAIRES EN FRANCE                                                               (Journey planner)
JL-COPY UTILITIES                                                                          (File/disc copier)
KITUTIL: LE KIT DE L'AN 2000                                                       (RSX toolkit)
MARK ERROR                                                                                     (Disc utility)
MASTERFILE 464                                                                                (Database)
MATHEMATIK                                                                                     (Math program)
MAXAM II                                                                                            (Assembler/disassembler)
MAX DESKTOP                                                                                    (Graphical user interface)
BONZO'S SUPER MEDDLER                                                             (Misc utilities)
MEGA SOUND                                                                                     (Music, sounds & speech)
MF2RR                                                                                                  (Multiface utility)
MULTIFACE 2 UTILITIES                                                                 (Multiface II util)
MICRO MUSIC CREATOR                                                                 (Compose / sample music)
MINIDOS V1.0                                                                                     (Disc utility)
MINI OFFICE 2                                                                                   (Word processor/database/graph)
MONTRAC                                                                                            (Disassembler)
MS800                                                                                                   (Disc operating system)
MICROSOFT COBOL                                                                          (Programming language) (COBOL)
MULTI MARK                                                                                      (Disc utility)
MULTIPLAN                                                                                        (Spreadsheet)
MUSICSOFT                                                                                         (Music composer)
MUSIC SYSTEM (THE)                                                                       (Music composer)
MUSIQUE ASSISTE PAR ORDINATEUR                                         (Music composer)
THE MUSIC STUDIO                                                                           (Music utilities)
NEVADA FORTRAN                                                                             (Programming language)
NIRVANA V1.1                                                                                      (Disk management suite)
OAX                                                                                                       (Speedlock copy)
ODDJOB                                                                                               (Miscellaneous utilities)
ORTHO REPERE                                                                                 (Graph plotter)
PROFESSIONAL ADVENTURE WRITING SYSTE                          (Programming)
PILOT                                                                                                     (Programming language)
DISC-POKER                                                                                         (Find infinite lives in games)
POWERPAGE                                                                                        (Desktop publisher)
POWERSPELL                                                                                       (Spelling checker)
PROCOPY 128K                                                                                     (Disc copier)
PROSPELL                                                                                              (Protext extension)
PROTEXT                                                                                               (Word processor)
PROTRACKER                                                                                       (Music composer)
PUNISHMENT                                                                                       (Disc copier)
PYRADEV                                                                                                (Asm / Disasm / Monitor)
PIRADEV+                                                                                               (Z80 Asm / Disasm)
QUILL ADVENTURE SYSTEM (THE)                                                  (Adventure creator)
RADIO PLANS                                                                                         (Circuit designer)
RAMBASE V5.1                                                                                        (Database)
RAMDISK                                                                                                 (Virtual disc utility)
RAMDOS                                                                                                  (Disk OS)
RH DISCO 2.10                                                                                        (Disc copy)
RH DMON 2.10                                                                                        (Disc utility)
ROUTEPLANNER                                                                                   (Journey planner)
SALUT L'ARTISTE                                                                                   (Art package)
SANKO                                                                                                      (Protext extension)
SCREEN DESIGNER                                                                               (Art package)
SCRYPTE                                                                                                  (Word processor)
SILIPACK                                                                                                  (Music/sound utilities)
SMART+                                                                                                    (Art package)
SOFT-ARC 2                                                                                              (Disc->tape archiver)
SOUNDTRAKKER                                                                                    (Music composer)
SPACE ARCHIVER                                                                                   (File archiver)
SPEECH!                                                                                                    (Speech utility)
SPEEDTRANS PLUS-3 V4                                                                        (Tape-to-disk copy)
SPRITES ALIVE                                                                                        (Game design pack)
SPRITER                                                                                                    (Sprite grabber)
STOP PRESS                                                                                              (Desktop Publishing Package)
STRING VIEWER                                                                                     (File viewer)
SUPERCOPY                                                                                              (Disc copy)
TASWORD 464                                                                                          (Word processor)
TASWORD 6128                                                                                         (Word processor)
TEARAWAY: THE INFORMER                                                               (Multiface utility)
TEXTOMAT                                                                                                (Word processor)
TRACE COURBE/TRACE C                                                                     (Graph plotter)
TRACEUR DE FONCTIONS                                                                    (Graph plotter)
TRANS                                                                                                        (Disc-Tape transfer)
TRANSIT                                                                                                    (File management)
TRANSMAT V1.0                                                                                        (Tape-to-disk copy)
TUNESMITH                                                                                              (Music composer)
TURBO 416                                                                                                 (Disc utilities)
TURBO-ASS                                                                                                (Assembler)
TURBOCRUNCHER                                                                                  (File compressor)
TURBO IMPLODER                                                                                   (File compressor)
TURBO PASCAL                                                                                          (Programming language)
TURBO SUPER MONITOR RAZORMAID MIX 19                                (Disassembler)
TUSS/THE ULTIMATE SPRITE SEARCHER                                          (Sprite grabber)
ULTRA SOUND DEMO                                                                              (Digitized sound utils)
ULTRA SON                                                                                                 (Sound digitiser)
VENTUREFIX                                                                                             (Adventure creator)
WEST PHASER RSX                                                                                   (RSX for West Phaser)
WOPS                                                                                                           (Graphical user interface)
WORKTOP                                                                                                   (Graphical user interface)
XEXOR                                                                                                         (Disc utility)
X-PRESS 1.3-PROFESSIONAL PRINTING                                              (Printing)
XROM EPROM PROGRAMMER SOFTWARE SOURC                          (Eprom programmer)